Commit 9f7e86ef authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Doc fix.

parent 4c0a6d4a
2013-01-13 Richard Stallman <>
* mail/sendmail.el (mail-position-on-field): Add doc string.
* mail/rmailmm.el (rmail-insert-mime-forwarded-message): Get
current message boundaries and pass them to
message-forward-make-body-mime. Minor style changes.
......@@ -1493,6 +1493,9 @@ just append to the file, in Babyl format if necessary."
(insert "\nMail-Followup-To: "))))
(defun mail-position-on-field (field &optional soft)
"Move to the start of the contents of header field FIELD.
If there is none, insert one, unless SOFT is non-nil.
If there are multiple FIELD fields, this goes to the first."
(let (end
(case-fold-search t))
(setq end (mail-header-end))
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