Commit 9fab67cb authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(etags_getcwd): Cast result of popen.

(popen): Declaration deleted.
parent adf6b7f9
......@@ -55,9 +55,6 @@ char pot_etags_version[] = "@(#) pot revision number is 10.32";
#include "getopt.h"
extern char *getenv ();
#ifndef MSDOS
extern FILE *popen ();
/* Define CTAGS to make the program "ctags" compatible with the usual one.
Let it undefined to make the program "etags", which makes emacs-style
......@@ -3155,7 +3152,7 @@ etags_getcwd ()
buf = xnew (bufsize, char);
pipe = popen ("pwd 2>/dev/null", "r");
pipe = (FILE *) popen ("pwd 2>/dev/null", "r");
if (pipe == NULL)
perror ("pwd");
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