Commit 9fb07a9e authored by Rüdiger Sonderfeld's avatar Rüdiger Sonderfeld

Document `shr-insert-document'.

* doc/lispref/text.texi (Parsing HTML/XML): Document
parent 548a1b28
2014-01-09 Rüdiger Sonderfeld <>
* text.texi (Parsing HTML/XML): Document `shr-insert-document'.
* strings.texi (Text Comparison): Document `string-suffix-p'.
2014-01-07 Glenn Morris <>
......@@ -4284,6 +4284,14 @@ A call to @code{libxml-parse-html-region} returns this:
@end example
@end defun
@cindex rendering html
@defun shr-insert-document dom
This function renders the parsed HTML in @var{dom} into the current
buffer. The argument @var{dom} should be a list as generated by
@code{libxml-parse-html-region}. This function is, e.g., used by
@ref{Top, EWW,, eww, The Emacs Web Wowser Manual}.
@end defun
@cindex parsing xml
@defun libxml-parse-xml-region start end &optional base-url
This function is the same as @code{libxml-parse-html-region}, except
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