Commit 9fb980fc authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(imenu-menubar-modified-tick): Renamed from

(imenu-update-menubar): Update imenu-menubar-modified-tick
whenever outer condition succeeds.
parent 43711c22
......@@ -980,20 +980,21 @@ A trivial interface to `imenu-add-to-menubar' suitable for use in a hook."
(defvar imenu-buffer-menubar nil)
(defvar imenu-update-menubar-modified-tick 0
(defvar imenu-menubar-modified-tick 0
"The value of (buffer-modified-tick) as of last call to `imenu-update-menubar'.
This value becomes local in every buffer when it is set.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'imenu-update-menubar-modified-tick)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'imenu-menubar-modified-tick)
(defun imenu-update-menubar ()
(and (current-local-map)
(when (and (current-local-map)
(keymapp (lookup-key (current-local-map) [menu-bar index]))
(not (eq (buffer-modified-tick)
(setq imenu-menubar-modified-tick (buffer-modified-tick))
(let ((index-alist (imenu--make-index-alist t)))
;; Don't bother updating if the index-alist has not changed
;; since the last time we did it.
(or (equal index-alist imenu--last-menubar-index-alist)
(unless (equal index-alist imenu--last-menubar-index-alist)
(let (menu menu1 old)
(setq imenu--last-menubar-index-alist index-alist)
(setq index-alist (imenu--split-submenus index-alist))
......@@ -1003,8 +1004,6 @@ This value becomes local in every buffer when it is set.")
(if (< 1 (length (cdr menu)))
(cdr menu)
(cdr (car (cdr menu))))))
(setq imenu-update-menubar-modified-tick
(setq old (lookup-key (current-local-map) [menu-bar index]))
(setcdr old (cdr menu1)))))))
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