Commit 9fbc32aa authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm

Fringe width related changes.

parent 2d9bd0e7
2001-12-01 Kim F. Storm <>
The following changes add left-fringe and right-fringe
frame parameters to adjust fringe widths, or remove one or
both fringes.
* frame.h (struct frame): Remove trunc_area_pixel_width and
trunc_area_cols fields.
(Qleft_fringe, Qright_fringe): Declare.
* frame.c (Qleft_fringe, Qright_fringe): New vars.
(syms_of_frame): Initialize them.
* window.c (coordinates_in_window): Handle separate left and right
fringe widths.
* xterm.h (struct x_output): Add left_fringe_width, right_fringe_width,
and fringe_cols fields.
(FRAME_X_FRINGE_COLS): Use fringe_cols field.
(FRAME_X_FRINGE_WIDTH): Use fringes_extra field.
(FRAME_X_LEFT_FRINGE_WIDTH): Use left_fringe_width field.
(FRAME_X_RIGHT_FRINGE_WIDTH): Use right_fringe_width field.
(x_compute_fringe_widths): Add prototype.
* xterm.c (zv_height, zv_bits, zv_period): Changed zv bitmap to
fill fringe evenly with small dashes.
(x_draw_fringe_bitmap): Clear background if necessary. Align and
clip the new ZV bitmap to avoid jitter between rows.
(x_draw_row_fringe_bitmaps): Rely on x_draw_fringe_bitmap to clear
background. Don't draw fringe bitmaps if fringe width is zero.
(x_compute_fringe_widths): New function.
(x_new_font, x_set_window_size_1): Use it.
* xfns.c (x_frame_parms): Add `left-fringe' and `right-fringe' parms.
(x_set_frame_parameters): Process Process `font' parameter before other
parameters as fringe widths depend on it.
(x_set_fringe_width): New function.
(x_figure_window_size): Use x_compute_fringe_widths.
(Fx_create_frame): Process `left-fringe' and `right-fringe' frame
* widget.c (set_frame_size): Use x_compute_fringe_widths.
(EmacsFrameSetCharSize): Ditto.
* w32term.h: Merged changes from xterm.h.
* w32term.c: Merged changes from xterm.c.
* w32fns.c: Merged changes from xfns.c.
2001-11-29 Pavel Jan,Bm(Bk <>
* COPYING: Removed.
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