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; * etc/HELLO: Remove stray x-charset. (Bug#33851)

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......@@ -91,11 +91,11 @@ Telugu (తెలుగు) నమస్కారం
<x-charset><param>japanese-jisx0208</param>Japanese (日本語) こんにちは</x-charset> <x-charset><param>katakana-jisx0201</param>/ コンニチハ
</x-charset><x-charset><param>chinese-gb2312</param>Chinese (中文,普通话,汉语) 你好
</x-charset><x-charset><param>chinese-big5-1</param>Cantonese (粵語,廣東話) 早晨, 你好
</x-charset><x-charset><param>korean-ksc5601</param>Korean (한글) 안녕하세요 / 안녕하십니까</x-charset>
</x-charset><x-charset><param>korean-ksc5601</param>Korean (한글) 안녕하세요 / 안녕하십니까
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