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More about long file names and the MSDOS port.

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......@@ -1490,10 +1490,15 @@ the explanation of how to avoid this problem.
* Emacs compiled for MSDOS cannot find some Lisp files, or other
run-time support files, when long filename support is enabled.
(Usually, this problem will manifest itself when Emacs exits
Usually, this problem will manifest itself when Emacs exits
immediately after flashing the startup screen, because it cannot find
the Lisp files it needs to load at startup. Redirect Emacs stdout
and stderr to a file to see the error message printed by Emacs.)
and stderr to a file to see the error message printed by Emacs.
Another manifestation of this problem is that Emacs is unable to load
the support for editing program sources in languages such as C and
This can happen if the Emacs distribution was unzipped without LFN
support, thus causing long filenames to be truncated to the first 6
......@@ -1503,6 +1508,14 @@ filenames (such as djtar from DJGPP or InfoZip's UnZip program
compiled with DJGPP v2). The MSDOG section of the file INSTALL
explains this issue in more detail.
Another possible reason for such failures is that Emacs compiled for
MSDOS is used on Windows NT, where long file names are not supported
by this version of Emacs, but the distribution was unpacked by an
unzip program that preserved the long file names instead of truncating
them to DOS 8+3 limits. To be useful on NT, the MSDOS port of Emacs
must be unzipped by a DOS utility, so that long file names are
properly truncated.
* Emacs compiled with DJGPP complains at startup:
"Wrong type of argument: internal-facep, msdos-menu-active-face"
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