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......@@ -2226,6 +2226,10 @@ configuration files.
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 21.4
** `auto-save-file-format' has been renamed to
`buffer-auto-save-file-format' and made into a permanent local.
** Both the variable and the function `disabled-command-hook' have
been renamed to `disabled-command-function'. The variable
2004-09-07 Luc Teirlinck <>
* format.el (buffer-auto-save-file-format): Make it permanent local.
2004-09-07 Kim F. Storm <>
* emacs-lisp/authors.el (authors-aliases): Add more aliases.
2004-09-07 Luc Teirlinck <>
* locals.texi (Standard Buffer-Local Variables): Add
* internals.texi (Buffer Internals): Describe new
auto_save_file_format field of the buffer structure.
* files.texi (Format Conversion): `auto-save-file-format' has been
renamed `buffer-auto-save-file-format'.
2004-08-27 Luc Teirlinck <>
* abbrevs.texi (Abbrev Expansion): `abbrev-start-location' can be
2004-09-07 Luc Teirlinck <>
* buffer.h (struct buffer): Add auto_save_file_format field.
* buffer.c (reset_buffer, init_buffer_once): Handle
auto_save_file_format field.
(syms_of_buffer): Add DEFVAR_PER_BUFFER for
* fileio.c: Delete declaration for removed Vauto_save_file_format.
(build_annotations): Adapt to replacement of
`auto-save-file-format' with the new buffer-local variable
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