Commit a03c851c authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(x-selection-value): If x-select-request-type is

nil, simply try UTF8_STRING and COMPOUND-TEXT in this order.
parent b03b652b
......@@ -2254,61 +2254,22 @@ order until succeed.")
;; Get a selection value of type TYPE by calling x-get-selection with
;; an appropiate DATA-TYPE argument decidd by `x-select-request-type'.
;; an appropiate DATA-TYPE argument decided by `x-select-request-type'.
;; The return value is already decoded. If x-get-selection causes an
;; error, this function return nil.
(defun x-selection-value (type)
(let (text)
(cond ((null x-select-request-type)
(let (utf8 ctext utf8-coding)
;; We try both UTF8_STRING and COMPOUND_TEXT, and choose
;; the more appropriate one. If both fail, try STRING.
;; At first try UTF8_STRING.
(setq utf8 (condition-case nil
(x-get-selection type 'UTF8_STRING)
(error nil))
utf8-coding last-coding-system-used)
(if utf8
;; If it is a local selection, or it contains only
;; ASCII characers, choose it.
(if (or (not (get-text-property 0 'foreign-selection utf8))
(= (length utf8) (string-bytes utf8)))
(setq text utf8)))
;; If not yet decided, try COMPOUND_TEXT.
(if (not text)
(if (setq ctext (condition-case nil
(x-get-selection type 'COMPOUND_TEXT)
(error nil)))
;; If UTF8_STRING was also successful, choose the
;; more appropriate one from UTF8 and CTEXT.
(if utf8
(setq text (x-select-utf8-or-ctext utf8 ctext))
;; Othewise, choose CTEXT.
(setq text ctext))
(setq text utf8)))
;; If not yet decided, try STRING.
(or text
(setq text (condition-case nil
(x-get-selection type 'STRING)
(error nil))))
(if (eq text utf8)
(setq last-coding-system-used utf8-coding))))
((consp x-select-request-type)
(let ((tail x-select-request-type))
(while (and tail (not text))
(condition-case nil
(setq text (x-get-selection type (car tail)))
(error nil))
(setq tail (cdr tail)))))
(condition-case nil
(setq text (x-get-selection type x-select-request-type))
(error nil))))
(let ((request-type (or x-select-request-type '(UTF8_STRING COMPOUND_TEXT)))
(if (consp request-type)
(while (and request-type (not text))
(condition-case nil
(setq text (x-get-selection type (car request-type)))
(error nil))
(setq request-type (cdr request-type)))
(condition-case nil
(setq text (x-get-selection type request-type))
(error nil)))
(if text
(remove-text-properties 0 (length text) '(foreign-selection nil) text))
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