Commit a04ee161 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Comment change.

parent 7f6fd740
2007-10-24 Richard Stallman <>
* frame.c (x_figure_window_size): For fullscreen case,
set USPosition | PPosition without clobbering rest of window_prompting.
* keyboard.c (Fcurrent_idle_time): Doc fix.
* print.c (Fwith_output_to_temp_buffer): Doc fix.
2007-10-19 Juanma Barranquero <>
* process.c (Fset_process_filter): Doc fix.
......@@ -2162,7 +2162,14 @@ do_autoload (fundef, funname)
/* Preserve the match data. */
record_unwind_save_match_data ();
/* Value saved here is to be restored into Vautoload_queue. */
/* If autoloading gets an error (which includes the error of failing
to define the function being called), we use Vautoload_queue
to undo function definitions and `provide' calls made by
the function. We do this in the specific case of autoloading
because autoloading is not an explicit request "load this file",
but rather a request to "call this function".
The value saved here is to be restored into Vautoload_queue. */
record_unwind_protect (un_autoload, Vautoload_queue);
Vautoload_queue = Qt;
Fload (Fcar (Fcdr (fundef)), Qnil, noninteractive ? Qt : Qnil, Qnil, Qt);
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