Commit a058edae authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics
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Fix definition of Qwindow_point_insertion_type (Bug#33871)

* src/window.c (Qwindow_point_insertion_type): Fix definition
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......@@ -7646,7 +7646,7 @@ on their symbols to be controlled by this variable. */);
DEFVAR_LISP ("window-point-insertion-type", Vwindow_point_insertion_type,
doc: /* Type of marker to use for `window-point'. */);
Vwindow_point_insertion_type = Qnil;
DEFSYM (Qwindow_point_insertion_type, "window_point_insertion_type");
DEFSYM (Qwindow_point_insertion_type, "window-point-insertion-type");
DEFVAR_LISP ("window-configuration-change-hook",
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