Commit a067cd24 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

Initial revision

parent 3b95c869
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Configuration script for lib-src/makefile
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
/^# DIST: /d
# /^SHELL *=/s/=.*$/=
/^CC *=/s/=.*$/=gcc/
/^version *=/s/=.*$/=19.17/
/^configname *=/s/=.*$/=msdos/
/^archlibdir *=/s!=.*$!=c:/emacs/bin!
/^bindir *=/s!=.*$!=c:/emacs/bin!
/^libdir *=/s!=.*$!=c:/emacs/bin!
/^srcdir *=/s!=.*$!=.!
/^VPATH *=/s!=.*$!=.!
/^CFLAGS *=/s!=.*$!=-g!
/^LOADLIBES *=/s!=.*$!=!
/^ALLOCA *=/s!=.*$!=alloca.o!
/^INSTALLABLES/s/emacsclient *//
s!^ \./! go32 ./!
/^ .*timer$/s/movemail *//
/^ .*timer$/s/fakemail *//
/^ .*timer$/s/emacsserver *//
/^ .*timer$/s/ *timer//
/^UTILITIES=/s/ wakeup//
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