Commit a075569a authored by Luc Teirlinck's avatar Luc Teirlinck
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(custom-variable-documentation): New function.

(custom-variable): Use it.
parent 331fbb7d
......@@ -2074,11 +2074,25 @@ If INITIAL-STRING is non-nil, use that rather than \"Parent groups:\"."
:group 'custom-buffer
:version "20.3")
(defun custom-variable-documentation (variable)
"Return documentation of VARIABLE for use in Custom buffer.
Normally just return the docstring. But if VARIABLE automatically
becomes buffer local when set, append a message to that effect."
(if (and (local-variable-if-set-p variable)
(or (not (local-variable-p variable))
(local-variable-if-set-p variable))))
(concat (documentation-property variable 'variable-documentation)
This variable automatically becomes buffer-local when set outside Custom.
However, setting it through Custom sets the default value.")
(documentation-property variable 'variable-documentation)))
(define-widget 'custom-variable 'custom
"Customize variable."
:format "%v"
:help-echo "Set or reset this variable."
:documentation-property 'variable-documentation
:documentation-property #'custom-variable-documentation
:custom-category 'option
:custom-state nil
:custom-menu 'custom-variable-menu-create
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