Commit a0ac0c19 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(edt-set-screen-width-80, edt-set-screen-width-132):

If a terminal-specific function exists, call it.
parent be934b53
......@@ -1990,21 +1990,25 @@ G-C-\\: Split Window | FNDNXT | Yank | CUT |
(edt-electric-helpify 'edt-user-keypad-help))
;;; Generic EDT emulation screen width commands.
;;; EDT emulation screen width commands.
;; If modification of terminal attributes is desired when invoking these
;; commands, then the corresponding terminal specific file will contain a
;; re-definition of these commands.
;; Some terminals require modification of terminal attributes when changing the
;; number of columns displayed, hence the fboundp tests below. These functions
;; are defined in the corresponding terminal specific file, if needed.
(defun edt-set-screen-width-80 ()
"Set screen width to 80 columns."
(if (fboundp 'edt-set-term-width-80)
(set-screen-width 80)
(message "Screen width 80"))
(defun edt-set-screen-width-132 ()
"Set screen width to 132 columns."
(if (fboundp 'edt-set-term-width-132)
(set-screen-width 132)
(message "Screen width 132"))
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