Commit a0acc6c7 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(command_loop_1): Apply Vtranslation_table_for_input

to self-inserting characters.
(syms_of_keyboard) <keyboard-translate-table>: Doc fix.
parent 867d5263
......@@ -412,7 +412,7 @@ Lisp_Object Vecho_keystrokes;
/* Form to evaluate (if non-nil) when Emacs is started. */
Lisp_Object Vtop_level;
/* User-supplied string to translate input characters through. */
/* User-supplied table to translate input characters. */
Lisp_Object Vkeyboard_translate_table;
/* Keymap mapping ASCII function key sequences onto their preferred forms. */
......@@ -598,7 +598,7 @@ Lisp_Object Fthis_command_keys ();
Lisp_Object Qextended_command_history;
EMACS_TIME timer_check ();
extern Lisp_Object Vhistory_length;
extern Lisp_Object Vhistory_length, Vtranslation_table_for_input;
extern char *x_get_keysym_name ();
......@@ -1629,10 +1629,12 @@ command_loop_1 ()
goto directly_done;
else if (EQ (Vthis_command, Qself_insert_command)
/* Try this optimization only on ascii keystrokes. */
&& INTEGERP (last_command_char))
/* Try this optimization only on character keystrokes. */
&& CHAR_VALID_P (last_command_char, 0))
unsigned int c = XINT (last_command_char);
unsigned int c =
translate_char (Vtranslation_table_for_input,
XINT (last_command_char), 0, 0, 0);
int value;
if (NILP (Vexecuting_macro)
&& !EQ (minibuf_window, selected_window))
......@@ -10900,7 +10902,10 @@ Each character is looked up in this string and the contents used instead.
The value may be a string, a vector, or a char-table.
If it is a string or vector of length N,
character codes N and up are untranslated.
In a vector or a char-table, an element which is nil means "no translation". */);
In a vector or a char-table, an element which is nil means "no translation".
This is applied to the characters supplied to input methods, not their
output. See also `translation-table-for-input'. */);
Vkeyboard_translate_table = Qnil;
DEFVAR_BOOL ("cannot-suspend", &cannot_suspend,
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