Commit a0bd072b authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(completion-setup-function): Put completions-common-part

face on full completion string too (i.e. completion string without
completions-first-difference face).
parent 544d874f
......@@ -4970,12 +4970,13 @@ is the substring.)")
(< (setq element-common-end
(+ element-start common-string-length))
(when (and (get-char-property element-start 'mouse-face)
(get-char-property element-common-end 'mouse-face))
(when (get-char-property element-start 'mouse-face)
(if (get-char-property (1- element-common-end) 'mouse-face)
(put-text-property element-start element-common-end
'font-lock-face 'completions-common-part)
'font-lock-face 'completions-common-part))
(if (get-char-property element-common-end 'mouse-face)
(put-text-property element-common-end (1+ element-common-end)
'font-lock-face 'completions-first-difference)))))
'font-lock-face 'completions-first-difference))))))
;; Insert help string.
(goto-char (point-min))
(if (display-mouse-p)
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