Commit a0c9f21b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(inhibit-local-variables-regexps): New variable.

(set-auto-mode): Handle inhibit-local-variables-regexps.
parent f8bc869a
......@@ -790,6 +790,9 @@ Alist of filename patterns vs corresponding major mode functions.
Each element looks like (REGEXP . FUNCTION).
Visiting a file whose name matches REGEXP causes FUNCTION to be called.")
(defconst inhibit-local-variables-regexps '("\\.tar$")
"List of regexps; if one matches a file name, don't look for local vars.")
(defun set-auto-mode ()
"Select major mode appropriate for current buffer.
This checks for a -*- mode tag in the buffer's text, or
......@@ -805,6 +808,14 @@ If `enable-local-variables' is nil, this function does not check for a
(goto-char (point-min))
(skip-chars-forward " \t\n")
(if (and enable-local-variables
;; Don't look for -*- if this file name matches any
;; of the regexps in inhibit-local-variables-regexps.
(not (let ((temp inhibit-local-variables-regexps))
(while (and temp
(not (string-match (car temp)
(setq temp (cdr temp)))
(not temp)))
(search-forward "-*-" (save-excursion
;; If the file begins with "#!"
;; (exec interpreter magic), look
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