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2000-02-10 Dave Love <>
* wid-edit.el: (widgets) [defgroup]: Remove url link.
(widget-color-choice-list, widget-color-history, widget-mouse-help):
(widget-specify-field, widget-specify-button): Don't use
widget-mouse-help as help-echo property.
(default): Use #'ignore for :validate and :mouse-down-action.
(checkbox): Add help-echo.
(widget-sexp-validate): Rewritten to clarify error messages.
(character): Use char-valid-p in :match function.
(widget-color-complete): Use facemenu-color-alist.
(widget-color-action): Use facemenu-read-color.
* emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el: Don't bother testing for defalias. Don't
set up `caar' &c that we now have.
2000-02-09 Dave Love <>
* bindings.el (mode-line-input-method-map): New variable.
......@@ -3216,6 +3233,11 @@
* Makefile (bootstrap-compile): New target. Compile Lisp
files with ../src/temacs.
1999-10-08 Dave Love <>
* ange-ftp.el: Require dired when compiling.
(ange-ftp-normal-login): Allow EFS-style port specification.
1999-10-08 Simon Marshall <>
* emacs-lisp/regexp-opt.el (regexp-opt-try-suffix): New function.
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