Commit a0ef7338 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Fix Flyspell mode when several languages are mixed in a buffer

* lisp/textmodes/flyspell.el (flyspell-external-point-words):
Handle "misspelled" words that actually belong to a language
unsupported by the current dictionary.  (Bug#32280)  Fix the test
for Ispell the program.
parent cc233365
......@@ -1420,10 +1420,20 @@ determined by `flyspell-large-region'."
The list of incorrect words should be in `flyspell-external-ispell-buffer'.
\(We finish by killing that buffer and setting the variable to nil.)
The buffer to mark them in is `flyspell-large-region-buffer'."
(let (words-not-found
(ispell-otherchars (ispell-get-otherchars))
(buffer-scan-pos flyspell-large-region-beg)
(let* (words-not-found
(flyspell-casechars (flyspell-get-casechars))
(ispell-otherchars (ispell-get-otherchars))
(ispell-many-otherchars-p (ispell-get-many-otherchars-p))
(word-chars (concat flyspell-casechars
(if (not (string= "" ispell-otherchars))
(concat ispell-otherchars "?"))
(if ispell-many-otherchars-p
"*" "?")))
(buffer-scan-pos flyspell-large-region-beg)
(with-current-buffer flyspell-external-ispell-buffer
(goto-char (point-min))
;; Loop over incorrect words, in the order they were reported,
......@@ -1453,11 +1463,18 @@ The buffer to mark them in is `flyspell-large-region-buffer'."
;; Move back into the match
;; so flyspell-get-word will find it.
(forward-char -1)
;; Is this a word that matches the
;; current dictionary?
(if (looking-at word-chars)
(found (car found-list))
(found-length (length found))
(misspell-length (length word)))
(when (or
;; Misspelled word is not from the
;; language supported by the current
;; dictionary.
(null found)
;; Size matches, we really found it.
(= found-length misspell-length)
;; Matches as part of a boundary-char separated
......@@ -1479,13 +1496,21 @@ The buffer to mark them in is `flyspell-large-region-buffer'."
;; backslash) and none of the previous
;; conditions match.
(and (not ispell-really-aspell)
(not ispell-really-hunspell)
(not ispell-really-enchant)
(goto-char (- (nth 1 found-list) 1))
(if (looking-at "[\\]" )
(setq keep nil)
(flyspell-word nil t)
;; Don't try spell-checking words whose
;; characters don't match CASECHARS, because
;; flyspell-word will then consider as
;; misspelling the preceding word that matches
(or (null found)
(flyspell-word nil t))
;; Search for next misspelled word will begin from
;; end of last validated match.
(setq buffer-scan-pos (point))))
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