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Minor copyedits in doc/emacs/text.texi

* doc/emacs/text.texi (TeX Mode): Use @code for command markup.
(HTML Mode): Add a note about "C-x C-v" binding in HTML mode.
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......@@ -1518,8 +1518,8 @@ normally called automatically when you visit a @TeX{}-like file.
this, Emacs chooses the mode specified by the variable
@code{tex-default-mode}; its default value is @code{latex-mode}. If
Emacs does not guess right, you can select the correct variant of
@TeX{} mode using the command @kbd{M-x plain-tex-mode}, @kbd{M-x
latex-mode}, @kbd{M-x slitex-mode}, or @kbd{doctex-mode}.
@TeX{} mode using the commands @code{plain-tex-mode},
@code{latex-mode}, @code{slitex-mode}, or @code{doctex-mode}.
The following sections document the features of @TeX{} mode and its
variants. There are several other @TeX{}-related Emacs packages,
......@@ -1997,7 +1997,8 @@ characters themselves (@code{sgml-name-8bit-mode}).
@kindex C-c C-v @r{(SGML mode)}
@findex sgml-validate
Run a shell command (which you must specify) to validate the current
buffer as SGML (@code{sgml-validate}).
buffer as SGML (@code{sgml-validate}). (In HTML mode this key
sequence runs a different command.)
@item C-c @key{TAB}
@kindex C-c TAB @r{(SGML mode)}
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