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......@@ -5798,7 +5798,7 @@
that as the same name can be used for different locations in different
SES sheets ; 2) use `local-variable-if-set-p' rather than `boundp' and
`local-variable-p' to check if cell name is already in use in this
sheet or needs initialisation.
sheet or needs initialization.
(ses-relocate-all): Cell value relocation : 1) like for name
relocation use the `ses-cell' property rather than comparing actual
name to corresponding standard name. 2) Correct bug introduced in
......@@ -2441,7 +2441,7 @@ When opening a TLS connection, this should be where the first element
is the TLS type (which should either be @code{gnutls-x509pki} or
@code{gnutls-anon}, and the remaining elements should form a keyword
list acceptable for @code{gnutls-boot}. (This keyword list can be
optained from the @code{gnutls-boot-parameters} function.) The TLS
obtained from the @code{gnutls-boot-parameters} function.) The TLS
connection will then be negotiated after completing the connection to
the host.
......@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ syntax are the same as those given to @code{open-network-stream}
Manual}). The connection process is called @var{name} (made unique if
necessary). This function returns the connection process.
The @var{nowait} parameter means that the scoket should be
The @var{nowait} parameter means that the socket should be
asynchronous, and the connection process will be returned to the
caller before TLS negotiation has happened.
......@@ -289,7 +289,7 @@ BUFFER defaults to current buffer. Does not modify BUFFER."
"Mocks function NAME with MOCK and run BODY.
Once BODY finishes (be it normally by returning a value or
abnormally by throwing or signalling), the old definition of
abnormally by throwing or signaling), the old definition of
function NAME is restored.
BODY may further change the mock with `fset'.
......@@ -3230,7 +3230,7 @@
* gnus-picon.el (gnus-picons-display-pairs): Don't add two bars.
(gnus-picons-try-face): Set the foreground color on the bar.
(gnus-picons-group-exluded-groups): New variable.
(gnus-picons-group-excluded-groups): New variable.
(gnus-group-display-picons): Use it.
1997-10-13 Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <>
......@@ -1630,7 +1630,7 @@ identifiers.
If you change this variable's value, call the function
`c-make-noise-macro-regexps' to set the necessary internal variables (or do
this implicitly by reinitialising C/C++/Objc Mode on any buffer)."
this implicitly by reinitializing C/C++/Objc Mode on any buffer)."
:type '(repeat :tag "List of names" string)
:group 'c)
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
(require 'dom)
(defun svg-create (width height &rest args)
"Create a new, empty SVG image with dimentions WIDTHxHEIGHT.
"Create a new, empty SVG image with dimensions WIDTHxHEIGHT.
ARGS can be used to provide `stroke' and `stroke-width' parameters to
any further elements added."
(dom-node 'svg
......@@ -282,7 +282,7 @@ If no list entry produces a useful revision, return `nil'."
:group 'vc-hg)
(defcustom vc-hg-use-file-version-for-mode-line-version nil
"When enabled, the modeline will contain revision informtion for the visited file.
"When enabled, the modeline contains revision information for the visited file.
When not, the revision in the modeline is for the repository
working copy. `nil' is the much faster setting for
large repositories."
......@@ -5509,7 +5509,7 @@ wait_reading_process_output (intmax_t time_limit, int nsecs, int read_kbd,
/* If we have an incompletely set up TLS connection,
then defer the sentinel signalling until
then defer the sentinel signaling until
later. */
if (NILP (p->gnutls_boot_parameters)
&& !p->gnutls_p)
......@@ -9844,7 +9844,7 @@ argument as small as possible; in particular, if the buffer contains
long lines that shall be truncated anyway.
The optional argument Y-LIMIT, if non-nil, specifies the maximum text
height (exluding the height of the mode- or header-line, if any) that
height (excluding the height of the mode- or header-line, if any) that
can be returned. Text lines whose y-coordinate is beyond Y-LIMIT are
ignored. Since calculating the text height of a large buffer can take
some time, it makes sense to specify this argument if the size of the
......@@ -1055,8 +1055,8 @@ the file watch."
(file-notify--deftest-remote file-notify-test08-watched-file-in-watched-dir
"Check `file-notify-test08-watched-file-in-watched-dir' for remote files.")
(ert-deftest file-notify-test09-sufficient-ressources ()
"Check that file notification does not use too many ressources."
(ert-deftest file-notify-test09-sufficient-resources ()
"Check that file notification does not use too many resources."
:tags '(:expensive-test)
(skip-unless (file-notify--test-local-enabled))
;; This test is intended for kqueue only.
......@@ -1093,8 +1093,8 @@ the file watch."
;; Cleanup.
(file-notify--deftest-remote file-notify-test09-sufficient-ressources
"Check `file-notify-test09-sufficient-ressources' for remote files.")
(file-notify--deftest-remote file-notify-test09-sufficient-resources
"Check `file-notify-test09-sufficient-resources' for remote files.")
(defun file-notify-test-all (&optional interactive)
"Run all tests for \\[file-notify]."
#include "main.hpp"
#pragma ident "@(#)functions.cpp 1.0 98/11/12 (c) Rupak Rathore"
// Constructor default argument initialises to today's values
// Constructor default argument initializes to today's values
void Date::setDate ( int d , int m , int y ){
time_t t;
struct tm * ptm;
......@@ -9,9 +9,9 @@ void Date::setDate ( int d , int m , int y ){
if ( date != NULL )
delete date;
date = NULL;
if ( d == 0 && m == 0 && y == 0 ) // explicity called or default constructor hence leave it.
if ( d == 0 && m == 0 && y == 0 ) //Explicitly called or default constructor hence leave it.
if ( d < 0 && m < 0 && d < 0 ) // Special instruction to intialise to today's value
if ( d < 0 && m < 0 && d < 0 ) //Special instruction to initialize to today's value
date = new tm;
ptm=localtime ( &t ) ;
......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ <H5 ID="leasqr">
Since then, the original authors Richard I. Shrager, A.Jutan, Ray Muzic, and
Sean Brennan agreed to put it under the <A
HREF="">GPL</A>. Matthias Jueschke tested
the program using a non-linear optimisation <A
the program using a non-linear optimization <A
HREF="">test suite</A>,
and was satisfied with the results.
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