Commit a128c7a0 authored by Roland McGrath's avatar Roland McGrath

(visit-tags-table-buffer): When trying to pick table, call

tags-expand-table-name on alternatives that might be nil.
(tags-table-files): Don't call visit-tags-table-buffer; assume we are there.
parent e0dad66e
......@@ -324,11 +324,14 @@ Returns t if it visits a tags table, or nil if there are no more in the list."
;; tags for the current buffer's file.
;; If one is found, the lists will be frobnicated,
;; and CONT will be set non-nil so we don't do it below.
(car (tags-table-including buffer-file-name
(car tags-table-list)
(let ((found (save-excursion
(tags-table-including buffer-file-name
(and found
;; Expand it so it won't be nil.
(tags-expand-table-name (car found))))
(tags-expand-table-name (car tags-table-list))
(tags-expand-table-name tags-file-name)
(read-file-name "Visit tags table: (default TAGS) "
......@@ -417,7 +420,7 @@ Returns t if it visits a tags table, or nil if there are no more in the list."
(kill-local-variable 'tags-file-name)
(setq tags-file-name nil)
(error "File %s is not a valid tags table" buffer-file-name))))
(defun file-of-tag ()
"Return the file name of the file whose tags point is within.
Assumes the tags table is the current buffer.
......@@ -428,11 +431,9 @@ File name returned is relative to tags table file's directory."
(defun tags-table-files ()
"Return a list of files in the current tags table.
File names returned are absolute."
(or tags-table-files
(setq tags-table-files
(funcall tags-table-files-function)))))
(or tags-table-files
(setq tags-table-files
(funcall tags-table-files-function))))
(defun tags-included-tables ()
"Return a list of tags tables included by the current table."
......@@ -473,7 +474,7 @@ File names returned are absolute."
(if (eq what t)
(all-completions string (tags-completion-table) predicate)
(try-completion string (tags-completion-table) predicate))))
;; Return a default tag to search for, based on the text at point.
(defun find-tag-default ()
......@@ -940,6 +941,7 @@ if the file was newly read in, the value is the filename."
(setq next-file-list (tags-table-files))))
(or next-file-list
;; Get the files from the next tags table.
;; When doing (visit-tags-table-buffer t),
;; the tags table buffer must be current.
(if (and (visit-tags-table-buffer 'same)
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