Commit a13396c9 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(flush_stdout) [GLYPH_DEBUG]: New function.

(build_frame_matrix_from_leaf_window): Put code handling
glyph row's not being a slice of a frame row in #if 0.
(sync_window_with_frame_matrix_rows): New function.
(frame_row_to_window): New function.
(mirror_line_dance): Handle copies between windows.
parent 36e98846
......@@ -174,6 +174,8 @@ static void adjust_frame_glyphs_for_window_redisplay P_ ((struct frame *));
static void adjust_frame_glyphs_for_frame_redisplay P_ ((struct frame *));
static void reverse_rows P_ ((struct glyph_matrix *, int, int));
static int margin_glyphs_to_reserve P_ ((struct window *, int, Lisp_Object));
static void sync_window_with_frame_matrix_rows P_ ((struct window *));
struct window *frame_row_to_window P_ ((struct window *, int));
......@@ -1495,6 +1497,17 @@ realloc_glyph_pool (pool, matrix_dim)
/* Flush standard output. This is sometimes useful to call from
the debugger. */
flush_stdout ()
fflush (stdout);
/* Check that no glyph pointers have been lost in MATRIX. If a
pointer has been lost, e.g. by using a structure assignment between
rows, at least one pointer must occur more than once in the rows of
......@@ -2439,6 +2452,7 @@ build_frame_matrix_from_leaf_window (frame_matrix, w)
SET_CHAR_GLYPH_FROM_GLYPH (*border, right_border_glyph);
#if 0 /* This shouldn't be necessary. Let's check it. */
/* Due to hooks installed, it normally doesn't happen that
window rows and frame rows of the same matrix are out of
sync, i.e. have a different understanding of where to
......@@ -2459,11 +2473,12 @@ build_frame_matrix_from_leaf_window (frame_matrix, w)
/* Exchange pointers between both rows. */
swap_glyph_pointers (window_row, slice_row);
/* Now, we are sure that window row window_y is a slice of
the frame row frame_y. But, lets check that assumption. */
/* Window row window_y must be a slice of frame row
frame_y. */
xassert (glyph_row_slice_p (window_row, frame_row));
/* If rows are in sync, we don't have to copy glyphs because
frame and window share glyphs. */
......@@ -2697,6 +2712,68 @@ mirrored_line_dance (matrix, unchanged_at_top, nlines, copy_from,
/* Synchronize glyph pointers in the current matrix of window W with
the current frame matrix. W must be full-width, and be on a tty
frame. */
static void
sync_window_with_frame_matrix_rows (w)
struct window *w;
struct frame *f = XFRAME (w->frame);
struct glyph_row *window_row, *window_row_end, *frame_row;
/* Preconditions: W must be a leaf window and full-width. Its frame
must have a frame matrix. */
xassert (NILP (w->hchild) && NILP (w->vchild));
xassert (WINDOW_FULL_WIDTH_P (w));
xassert (!FRAME_WINDOW_P (f));
/* If W is a full-width window, glyph pointers in W's current matrix
have, by definition, to be the same as glyph pointers in the
corresponding frame matrix. */
window_row = w->current_matrix->rows;
window_row_end = window_row + w->current_matrix->nrows;
frame_row = f->current_matrix->rows + XFASTINT (w->top);
while (window_row < window_row_end)
int area;
for (area = LEFT_MARGIN_AREA; area <= LAST_AREA; ++area)
window_row->glyphs[area] = frame_row->glyphs[area];
++window_row, ++frame_row;
/* Return the window in the window tree rooted in W containing frame
row ROW. Value is null if none is found. */
struct window *
frame_row_to_window (w, row)
struct window *w;
int row;
struct window *found = NULL;
while (w && !found)
if (!NILP (w->hchild))
found = frame_row_to_window (XWINDOW (w->hchild), row);
else if (!NILP (w->vchild))
found = frame_row_to_window (XWINDOW (w->vchild), row);
else if (row >= XFASTINT (w->top)
&& row < XFASTINT (w->top) + XFASTINT (w->height))
found = w;
w = NILP (w->next) ? 0 : XWINDOW (w->next);
return found;
/* Perform a line dance in the window tree rooted at W, after
scrolling a frame matrix in mirrored_line_dance.
......@@ -2728,9 +2805,7 @@ mirror_line_dance (w, unchanged_at_top, nlines, copy_from, retained_p)
/* W is a leaf window, and we are working on its current
matrix m. */
struct glyph_matrix *m = w->current_matrix;
int i;
int i, sync_p = 0;
struct glyph_row *old_rows;
/* Make a copy of the original rows of matrix m. */
......@@ -2755,21 +2830,15 @@ mirror_line_dance (w, unchanged_at_top, nlines, copy_from, retained_p)
int from_inside_window_p
= window_from >= 0 && window_from < m->matrix_h;
if (from_inside_window_p)
/* Is assigned to line inside window? */
int to_inside_window_p
= window_to >= 0 && window_to < m->matrix_h;
if (from_inside_window_p && to_inside_window_p)
/* Is assigned to line inside window? */
int to_inside_window_p
= window_to >= 0 && window_to < m->matrix_h;
/* Enabled setting before assignment. */
int enabled_before_p;
/* If not both lines inside the window, we have a
serious problem. */
xassert (to_inside_window_p);
/* Do the assignment. The enabled_p flag is saved
over the assignment because the old redisplay did
that. */
......@@ -2781,7 +2850,35 @@ mirror_line_dance (w, unchanged_at_top, nlines, copy_from, retained_p)
if (!retained_p[copy_from[i]])
m->rows[window_to].enabled_p = 0;
else if (to_inside_window_p)
/* A copy between windows. This is an infrequent
case not worth optimizing. */
struct frame *f = XFRAME (w->frame);
struct window *root = XWINDOW (FRAME_ROOT_WINDOW (f));
struct window *w2;
struct glyph_matrix *m2;
int m2_from;
w2 = frame_row_to_window (root, frame_to);
m2 = w2->current_matrix;
m2_from = frame_from - m2->matrix_y;
copy_row_except_pointers (m->rows + window_to,
m2->rows + m2_from);
/* If frame line is empty, window line is empty, too. */
if (!retained_p[copy_from[i]])
m->rows[window_to].enabled_p = 0;
sync_p = 1;
else if (from_inside_window_p)
sync_p = 1;
/* If there was a copy between windows, make sure glyph
pointers are in sync with the frame matrix. */
if (sync_p)
sync_window_with_frame_matrix_rows (w);
/* Check that no pointers are lost. */
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