Commit a135645a authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(XTmouse_position): Don't set *f at all unless we win.

parent 25645866
......@@ -1700,6 +1700,8 @@ static void x_scroll_bar_report_motion ();
Set *time to the server timestamp for the time at which the mouse
was at this position.
Don't store anything if we don't have a valid set of values to report.
This clears the mouse_moved flag, so we can wait for the next mouse
movement. This also calls XQueryPointer, which will cause the
server to give us another MotionNotify when the mouse moves
......@@ -1713,6 +1715,8 @@ XTmouse_position (f, bar_window, part, x, y, time)
Lisp_Object *x, *y;
unsigned long *time;
if (! NILP (last_mouse_scroll_bar))
......@@ -1790,28 +1794,32 @@ XTmouse_position (f, bar_window, part, x, y, time)
never use them in that case.) */
/* Is win one of our frames? */
*f = x_window_to_frame (win);
f1 = x_window_to_frame (win);
/* If not, is it one of our scroll bars? */
if (! *f)
if (! f1)
struct scroll_bar *bar = x_window_to_scroll_bar (win);
if (bar)
*f = XFRAME (WINDOW_FRAME (XWINDOW (bar->window)));
f1 = XFRAME (WINDOW_FRAME (XWINDOW (bar->window)));
win_x = parent_x;
win_y = parent_y;
if (*f)
if (f1)
pixel_to_glyph_coords (*f, win_x, win_y, &win_x, &win_y,
/* Ok, we found a frame. Convert from pixels to characters
and store all the values. */
pixel_to_glyph_coords (f1, win_x, win_y, &win_x, &win_y,
*bar_window = Qnil;
*part = 0;
*f = f1;
XSET (*x, Lisp_Int, win_x);
XSET (*y, Lisp_Int, win_y);
*time = last_mouse_movement_time;
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