Commit a149e872 authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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(mac-ae-parameter): Don't coerce data if it is

already of desired type.
(mac-ae-list): Coerce parameter to "list" type.
(mac-dispatch-apple-event): Replace cadr part of event with a
dummy position so that event-start returns it.
parent b568ce76
......@@ -1381,7 +1381,7 @@ in `selection-converter-alist', which see."
(put 'core-event 'mac-apple-event-class "aevt") ; kCoreEventClass
(put 'internet-event 'mac-apple-event-class "GURL") ; kAEInternetEventClass
;;; Event IDs
;;; Event IDs
;; kCoreEventClass
(put 'open-application 'mac-apple-event-id "oapp") ; kAEOpenApplication
(put 'reopen-application 'mac-apple-event-id "rapp") ; kAEReopenApplication
......@@ -1409,14 +1409,14 @@ in `selection-converter-alist', which see."
(error "Not an Apple event: %S" ae)
(let ((type-data (cdr (assoc keyword (cdr ae))))
(when (and type type-data)
(when (and type type-data (not (equal type (car type-data))))
(setq data (mac-coerce-ae-data (car type-data) (cdr type-data) type))
(setq type-data (if data (cons type data) nil)))
(defun mac-ae-list (ae &optional keyword type)
(or keyword (setq keyword "----")) ;; Direct object.
(let ((desc (mac-ae-parameter ae keyword)))
(let ((desc (mac-ae-parameter ae keyword "list")))
(cond ((null desc)
((not (equal (car desc) "list"))
......@@ -1588,6 +1588,9 @@ Currently the `mailto' scheme is supported."
(setq service-message
(intern (decode-coding-string service-message 'utf-8)))
(setq binding (lookup-key binding (vector service-message))))
;; Replace (cadr event) with a dummy position so that event-start
;; returns it.
(setcar (cdr event) (list (selected-window) (point) '(0 . 0) 0))
(call-interactively binding)))
(global-set-key [mac-apple-event] 'mac-dispatch-apple-event)
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