Commit a1522a36 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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Add missing 2005-06-28 entry for progmodes/compile.el.

parent 11e22c4a
......@@ -1894,6 +1894,13 @@
* progmodes/compile.el (compilation-next-error-function):
Don't switch buffers; operate on the current buffer.
* progmodes/compile.el (compilation-error-file-name)
(compilation-warning-file-name, compilation-info-file-name)
(compilation-line-number, compilation-column-number): New faces.
(compilation-error-face, compilation-warning-face)
(compilation-info-face, compilation-line-face)
(compilation-column-face): Use them.
* facemenu.el (facemenu-add-face): Warn when font-lock is active.
* comint.el (comint-password-prompt-regexp): Accept ", try again".
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