Commit a1867fb1 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy

* termhooks.h (struct input_event): Doc fix.

	(NUM_MOUSE_BUTTONS): New constant.
	(click_modifier): New modifier.
parent ac501cd9
......@@ -101,7 +101,9 @@ struct input_event {
was typed.
.timestamp gives a timestamp (in
milliseconds) for the keystroke. */
mouse_click, /* The button number is in .code.
mouse_click, /* The button number is in .code; it must
be >= 0 and < NUM_MOUSE_BUTTONS, defined
.modifiers holds the state of the
modifier keys.
.x and .y give the mouse position,
......@@ -153,25 +155,38 @@ struct input_event {
unsigned long timestamp;
/* This is used in keyboard.c, to tell how many buttons we will need
to track the positions of. */
/* Bits in the modifiers member of the input_event structure.
Note that reorder_modifiers assumes that the bits are in canonical
order. */
The modifiers applied to mouse clicks are rather ornate. The
window-system-specific code should store mouse clicks with
up_modifier or down_modifier set; the window-system independent
code turns all up_modifier events into either drag_modifier or
click_modifier. The click_modifier has no written representation
in the names of the symbols used as event heads, but it does appear
in the Qevent_symbol_components property of the event heads. */
enum {
up_modifier = 1, /* This only applies to mouse buttons. */
up_modifier = 1, /* Only used on mouse buttons - always
turned into a click or a drag modifier
before lisp code sees the event. */
alt_modifier = 2, /* Under X, the XK_Alt_[LR] keysyms. */
ctrl_modifier = 4,
hyper_modifier= 8, /* Under X, the XK_Hyper_[LR] keysyms. */
meta_modifier = 16, /* Under X, the XK_Meta_[LR] keysyms. */
shift_modifier= 32,
super_modifier= 64, /* Under X, the XK_Super_[LR] keysyms. */
down_modifier = 128, /* The window-system independent code finds
it handy to have this modifier, but
it is ignored in the event queue. */
drag_modifier = 256, /* Same as down_modifier. */
down_modifier = 128, /* Only used on mouse buttons. */
drag_modifier = 256, /* This is never used in the event
queue; it's only used internally by
the window-system-independent code. */
click_modifier= 512, /* See drag_modifier. */
last_modifier /* This should always be one more than the
highest modifier bit defined. */
#define NUM_MODIFIER_COMBOS ((last_modifier-1) << 1)
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