Commit a1a7c9ab authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(dired-copy-file-recursive): Avoid calling set-file-modes when

creating target directories.
parent 06697685
......@@ -1180,9 +1180,15 @@ Special value `always' suppresses confirmation."
(if (file-exists-p to)
(or top (dired-handle-overwrite to))
(condition-case err
(make-directory to)
(set-file-modes to #o700))
;; We used to call set-file-modes here, but on some
;; Linux kernels, that returns an error on vfat
;; filesystems
(let ((default-mode (default-file-modes)))
(set-default-file-modes #o700)
(make-directory to))
(set-default-file-modes default-mode)))
(push (dired-make-relative from)
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