Commit a1a88272 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

(syntax-flag-table, string-to-syntax): Remove.

parent c65adb44
......@@ -3952,44 +3952,4 @@ corresponing syntax code as it is stored in a syntax cell, and
can be used as value of a `syntax-table' property.
DESCRIPTION is the descriptive string for the syntax.")
(defconst syntax-flag-table
'((?1 . #b10000000000000000)
(?2 . #b100000000000000000)
(?3 . #b1000000000000000000)
(?4 . #b10000000000000000000)
(?p . #b100000000000000000000)
(?b . #b1000000000000000000000)
(?n . #b10000000000000000000000))
"Alist of pairs (CHAR . FLAG) mapping characters to syntax flags.
CHAR is a character that is allowed as second or following character
in the string argument to `modify-syntax-entry' specifying the syntax.
FLAG is the corresponding syntax flag value that is stored in a
syntax table.")
(defun string-to-syntax (string)
"Convert a syntax specification STRING into syntax cell form.
STRING should be a string as it is allowed as argument of
`modify-syntax-entry'. Value is the equivalent cons cell
\(CODE . MATCHING-CHAR) that can be used as value of a `syntax-table'
text property."
(let* ((first-char (aref string 0))
(code (or (nth 1 (assq first-char syntax-code-table))
(error "Invalid syntax specification `%s'" string)))
(length (length string))
(i 1)
;; Determine the matching character, if any.
(when (and (> length 1)
(memq first-char '(?\( ?\))))
(setq matching-char (aref string i)))
(setq i (1+ i))
;; Add any flags to the syntax code.
(while (< i length)
(let ((flag (or (cdr (assq (aref string i) syntax-flag-table))
(error "Invalid syntax flag in `%s'" string))))
(setq code (logior flag code))
(setq i (1+ i))))
(cons code matching-char)))
;;; simple.el ends here
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