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*** empty log message ***

parent ee8caabb
......@@ -415,6 +415,25 @@ This returns ARGS with the arguments that have been processed removed."
(setq defined-colors (cons this-color defined-colors))))
(defvar scroll-bar-mode nil)
;;; ??? x-create-screen needs to be changed to use scroll-bar-mode
;;; to decide (by default) whether to make a scroll bar.
(defun scroll-bar-mode (flag)
"Toggle display of vertical scroll bars on each frame.
This command applies to all frames that exist and frames to be
created in the future.
With a numeric argument, if the argument is negative,
turn off scroll bars; otherwise, turn on scroll bars."
(interactive "P")
(setq scroll-bar-mode (if (null flag) (not scroll-bar-mode)
(or (not (numberp flag)) (>= flag 0))))
(let ((frames (frame-list)))
(while frames
(modify-frame-parameters (car frames)
(list (cons 'vertical-scrollbar scroll-bar-mode)))
(setq frames (cdr frames)))))
;;;; Function keys
;;; Give some common function keys reasonable definitions.
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