Commit a1da1e37 authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader

Merge from gnus--devo--0

parent 0975aa24
2008-01-28 Michael Sperber <>
* gnus.texi (Mail Source Specifiers): Document `group' specifier.
(Group Parameters): Document `mail-source' parameter.
2008-01-27 Michael Albinus <>
* tramp.texi (Inline methods): The hostname of the su(do)? methods
......@@ -3035,6 +3035,12 @@ to.
If it is set, the value is used as the method for posting message
instead of @code{gnus-post-method}.
@item mail-source
@cindex mail-source
If it is set, and the setting of @code{mail-sources} includes a
@code{group} mail source (@pxref{Mail Sources}), the value is a
mail source for this group.
@item banner
@cindex banner
An item like @code{(banner . @var{regexp})} causes any part of an article
......@@ -14145,6 +14151,21 @@ element is a @dfn{mail source type}, followed by an arbitrary number of
@dfn{keywords}. Keywords that are not explicitly specified are given
default values.
The @code{mail-sources} is global for all mail groups. You can specify
an additional mail source for a particular group by including the
@code{group} mail specifier in @code{mail-sources}, and setting a
@code{mail-source} group parameter (@pxref{Group Parameters}) specifying
a single mail source. When this is used, @code{mail-sources} is
typically just @code{(group)}; the @code{mail-source} parameter for a
group might look like this:
(mail-source . (file :path "home/user/spools/foo.spool"))
@end lisp
This means that the group's (and only this group's) messages will be
fetched from the spool file @samp{/user/spools/foo.spool}.
The following mail source types are available:
@table @code
......@@ -14535,6 +14556,11 @@ An example webmail source:
:user "user-name"
:password "secret")
@end lisp
@item group
Get the actual mail source from the @code{mail-source} group parameter,
@xref{Group Parameters}.
@end table
@table @dfn
2008-01-24 Michael Sperber <>
* mail-source.el (mail-sources): Add `group' choice.
* nnmail.el (nnmail-get-new-mail-1): Abstract this out to add another
parameter `in-group' to control into which group the articles go.
Add treatment of `group' mail-source.
2008-01-24 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* sieve.el (sieve-make-overlay, sieve-overlay-put, sieve-overlays-at):
......@@ -74,6 +74,8 @@ See Info node `(gnus)Mail Source Specifiers'."
(repeat :tag "List"
(choice :format "%[Value Menu%] %v"
:value (file)
(cons :tag "Group parameter `mail-source'"
(const :format "" group))
(cons :tag "Spool file"
(const :format "" file)
(checklist :tag "Options" :greedy t
......@@ -1766,11 +1766,15 @@ See the Info node `(gnus)Fancy Mail Splitting' for more details."
(symbol-value sym))))
(defun nnmail-get-new-mail (method exit-func temp
&optional group spool-func)
&optional group spool-func)
"Read new incoming mail."
(nnmail-get-new-mail-1 method exit-func temp group nil spool-func))
(defun nnmail-get-new-mail-1 (method exit-func temp
group in-group spool-func)
(let* ((sources mail-sources)
(group-in group)
(i 0)
(new 0)
(total 0)
......@@ -1778,6 +1782,18 @@ See the Info node `(gnus)Fancy Mail Splitting' for more details."
(when (and (nnmail-get-value "%s-get-new-mail" method)
(while (setq source (pop sources))
;; Use group's parameter
(when (eq (car source) 'group)
(let ((mail-sources
(concat (symbol-name method) ":" group)
'mail-source t))))
(nnmail-get-new-mail-1 method exit-func temp
group group spool-func))
(setq source nil))
;; Hack to only fetch the contents of a single group's spool file.
(when (and (eq (car source) 'directory)
(null nnmail-scan-directory-mail-source-once)
......@@ -1816,9 +1832,10 @@ See the Info node `(gnus)Fancy Mail Splitting' for more details."
file ',(intern (format "%s-save-mail" method))
(if (equal file orig-file)
(nnmail-get-split-group orig-file ',source))
(or in-group
(if (equal file orig-file)
(nnmail-get-split-group orig-file ',source)))
',(intern (format "%s-active-number" method)))))))
(incf total new)
(incf i)))
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