Commit a1dd004b authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy

*** empty log message ***

parent 594be62e
......@@ -127,7 +127,18 @@ init_syntax_once ()
/* isalpha etc. are used for the character classes. */
#include <ctype.h>
#ifndef isascii
/* Jim Meyering writes:
"... Some ctype macros are valid only for character codes that
isascii says are ASCII (SGI's IRIX-4.0.5 is one such system --when
using /bin/cc or gcc but without giving an ansi option). So, all
ctype uses should be through macros like ISPRINT... If
STDC_HEADERS is defined, then autoconf has verified that the ctype
macros don't need to be guarded with references to isascii. ...
Defining isascii to 1 should let any compiler worth its salt
eliminate the && through constant folding." */
#if ! defined (isascii) || defined (STDC_HEADERS)
#undef isascii
#define isascii(c) 1
......@@ -3463,7 +3474,11 @@ re_match_2 (bufp, string1, size1, string2, size2, pos, regs, stop)
assert (bufp->regs_allocated == REGS_FIXED);
/* These braces fend off a "empty body in an else-statement"
warning under GCC when assert expands to nothing. */
assert (bufp->regs_allocated == REGS_FIXED);
/* Convert the pointer data in `regstart' and `regend' to
indices. Register zero has to be set differently,
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