Commit a1df473f authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm

The following changes rework my patch of 2002-02-06 which

added command remapping by entering the commands directly into
the keymaps.  Now, command remapping uses an explicit `remap'
prefix in the keymaps, i.e. [remap COMMAND].

(Qremap, remap_command_vector): New variables.
(is_command_symbol): Removed function.
(Fdefine_key): No longer accept a symbol for KEY.  Added
validation of [remap COMMAND] argument for KEY.  The DEF is no
longer required to be a symbol when remapping a command.
(Fremap_command): New function to remap command through keymaps.
(Flookup_key): Perform command remapping initiated by
Fremap_command directly for speed.
(Fkey_binding): Use Fremap_command for command remapping.
(where_is_internal): Handle new command remapping representation.
(syms_of_keymap): Intern Qremap, initialize remap_command_vector,
staticpro them.  Defsubr Fremap_command.
parent 0edda6b8
......@@ -89,11 +89,14 @@ Lisp_Object Vkey_translation_map;
when Emacs starts up. t means don't record anything here. */
Lisp_Object Vdefine_key_rebound_commands;
Lisp_Object Qkeymapp, Qkeymap, Qnon_ascii, Qmenu_item;
Lisp_Object Qkeymapp, Qkeymap, Qnon_ascii, Qmenu_item, Qremap;
/* Alist of elements like (DEL . "\d"). */
static Lisp_Object exclude_keys;
/* Pre-allocated 2-element vector for Fremap_command to use. */
static Lisp_Object remap_command_vector;
/* A char with the CHAR_META bit set in a vector or the 0200 bit set
in a string key sequence is equivalent to prefixing with this
character. */
......@@ -973,10 +976,7 @@ DEF is anything that can be a key's definition:
or a cons (KEYMAP . CHAR), meaning use definition of CHAR in map KEYMAP.
If KEYMAP is a sparse keymap, the pair binding KEY to DEF is added at
the front of KEYMAP.
KEY may also be a command name which is remapped to DEF. In this case,
DEF must be a symbol or nil (to remove a previous binding of KEY). */)
the front of KEYMAP. */)
(keymap, key, def)
Lisp_Object keymap;
Lisp_Object key;
......@@ -992,29 +992,18 @@ DEF must be a symbol or nil (to remove a previous binding of KEY). */)
keymap = get_keymap (keymap, 1, 1);
if (SYMBOLP (key))
/* A command may only be remapped to another command. */
/* I thought of using is_command_symbol above and below instead
of SYMBOLP, since remapping only works for sych symbols.
However, to make that a requirement would make it impossible
to remap a command before it has been defined, e.g. if a minor
mode were to remap a command of another minor mode which has
not yet been loaded, it would fail. So just use the least
restrictive sanity check here. */
if (!SYMBOLP (def))
key = wrong_type_argument (Qsymbolp, def);
key = Fmake_vector (make_number (1), key);
else if (!VECTORP (key) && !STRINGP (key))
if (!VECTORP (key) && !STRINGP (key))
key = wrong_type_argument (Qarrayp, key);
length = XFASTINT (Flength (key));
if (length == 0)
return Qnil;
/* Check for valid [remap COMMAND] bindings. */
if (VECTORP (key) && EQ (AREF (key, 0), Qremap)
&& (length != 2 || !SYMBOLP (AREF (key, 1))))
wrong_type_argument (Qvectorp, key);
if (SYMBOLP (def) && !EQ (Vdefine_key_rebound_commands, Qt))
Vdefine_key_rebound_commands = Fcons (def, Vdefine_key_rebound_commands);
......@@ -1073,6 +1062,19 @@ DEF must be a symbol or nil (to remove a previous binding of KEY). */)
/* This function may GC (it calls Fkey_binding). */
DEFUN ("remap-command", Fremap_command, Sremap_command, 1, 1, 0,
doc: /* Return the remapping for command COMMAND in current keymaps.
Returns nil if COMMAND is not remapped. */)
Lisp_Object command;
/* This will GCPRO the command argument. */
ASET (remap_command_vector, 1, command);
return Fkey_binding (remap_command_vector, Qnil, Qt);
/* Value is number if KEY is too long; nil if valid but has no definition. */
/* GC is possible in this function if it autoloads a keymap. */
......@@ -1105,9 +1107,19 @@ recognize the default bindings, just as `read-key-sequence' does. */)
keymap = get_keymap (keymap, 1, 1);
/* Command remapping is simple. */
if (SYMBOLP (key))
return access_keymap (keymap, key, t_ok, 0, 1);
/* Perform command remapping initiated by Fremap_command directly.
This is strictly not necessary, but it is faster and it returns
nil instead of 1 if KEYMAP doesn't contain command remappings. */
if (EQ (key, remap_command_vector))
/* KEY has format [remap COMMAND].
Lookup `remap' in KEYMAP; result is nil or a keymap containing
command remappings. Then lookup COMMAND in that keymap. */
if ((keymap = access_keymap (keymap, Qremap, t_ok, 0, 1), !NILP (keymap))
&& (keymap = get_keymap (keymap, 0, 1), CONSP (keymap)))
return access_keymap (keymap, AREF (key, 1), t_ok, 0, 1);
return Qnil;
if (!VECTORP (key) && !STRINGP (key))
key = wrong_type_argument (Qarrayp, key);
......@@ -1386,41 +1398,6 @@ OLP if non-nil indicates that we should obey `overriding-local-map' and
return keymaps;
/* Like Fcommandp, but looks specifically for a command symbol, and
doesn't signal errors. Returns 1 if FUNCTION is a command symbol. */
is_command_symbol (function)
Lisp_Object function;
if (!SYMBOLP (function) || EQ (function, Qunbound))
return 0;
function = indirect_function (function);
if (SYMBOLP (function) && EQ (function, Qunbound))
return 0;
if (SUBRP (function))
return (XSUBR (function)->prompt != 0);
if (COMPILEDP (function))
if (CONSP (function))
Lisp_Object funcar;
funcar = Fcar (function);
if (SYMBOLP (funcar))
if (EQ (funcar, Qlambda))
return !NILP (Fassq (Qinteractive, Fcdr (Fcdr (function))));
if (EQ (funcar, Qautoload))
return !NILP (Fcar (Fcdr (Fcdr (Fcdr (function)))));
return 0;
/* GC is possible in this function if it autoloads a keymap. */
DEFUN ("key-binding", Fkey_binding, Skey_binding, 1, 3, 0,
......@@ -1503,12 +1480,10 @@ is non-nil, `key-binding' returns the unmapped command. */)
/* If the result of the ordinary keymap lookup is an interactive
command, look for a key binding (ie. remapping) for that command. */
if (NILP (no_remap) && is_command_symbol (value))
if (NILP (no_remap) && SYMBOLP (value))
Lisp_Object value1;
value1 = Fkey_binding (value, accept_default, Qt);
if (!NILP (value1) && is_command_symbol (value1))
if (value1 = Fremap_command (value), !NILP (value1))
value = value1;
......@@ -2272,9 +2247,12 @@ where_is_internal (definition, keymaps, firstonly, noindirect, no_remap)
/* If this command is remapped, then it has no key bindings
of its own. */
if (NILP (no_remap) && is_command_symbol (definition)
&& !NILP (Fkey_binding (definition, Qnil, Qt)))
if (NILP (no_remap) && SYMBOLP (definition))
Lisp_Object tem;
if (tem = Fremap_command (definition), !NILP (tem))
return Qnil;
found = keymaps;
while (CONSP (found))
......@@ -2383,26 +2361,22 @@ where_is_internal (definition, keymaps, firstonly, noindirect, no_remap)
while (!NILP (sequences))
Lisp_Object sequence;
Lisp_Object remapped;
Lisp_Object sequence, remapped, function;
sequence = XCAR (sequences);
sequences = XCDR (sequences);
/* If the current sequence is of the form [command],
this may be a remapped command, so look for the key
sequences which run that command, and return those
sequences instead. */
/* If the current sequence is a command remapping with
format [remap COMMAND], find the key sequences
which run COMMAND, and use those sequences instead. */
remapped = Qnil;
if (NILP (no_remap)
&& VECTORP (sequence) && XVECTOR (sequence)->size == 1)
Lisp_Object function;
function = AREF (sequence, 0);
if (is_command_symbol (function))
&& VECTORP (sequence) && XVECTOR (sequence)->size == 2
&& EQ (AREF (sequence, 0), Qremap)
&& (function = AREF (sequence, 1), SYMBOLP (function)))
Lisp_Object remapped1;
remapped1 = where_is_internal (function, keymaps, firstonly, noindirect, Qt);
if (CONSP (remapped1))
......@@ -2415,7 +2389,6 @@ where_is_internal (definition, keymaps, firstonly, noindirect, no_remap)
goto record_sequence;
/* Verify that this key binding is not shadowed by another
binding for the same key, before we say it exists.
......@@ -3646,6 +3619,12 @@ and applies even for keys that have ordinary bindings. */);
Qmenu_item = intern ("menu-item");
staticpro (&Qmenu_item);
Qremap = intern ("remap");
staticpro (&Qremap);
remap_command_vector = Fmake_vector (make_number (2), Qremap);
staticpro (&remap_command_vector);
where_is_cache_keymaps = Qt;
where_is_cache = Qnil;
staticpro (&where_is_cache);
......@@ -3658,6 +3637,7 @@ and applies even for keys that have ordinary bindings. */);
defsubr (&Smake_keymap);
defsubr (&Smake_sparse_keymap);
defsubr (&Scopy_keymap);
defsubr (&Sremap_command);
defsubr (&Skey_binding);
defsubr (&Slocal_key_binding);
defsubr (&Sglobal_key_binding);
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