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Mention bug 1720.

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......@@ -60,6 +60,38 @@ mail with the bug report number in. If you do not do this, each reply
in the subsequent discussion will end up creating a new bug. This is
Note that the way this feature works is perhaps not ideal (Bug#1720).
If X-Debbugs-CC: was specifed by a real header, that header is removed
in the mail sent out to the bug list, and the addresses merged into
the Resent-CC header (see below). They don't appear as an explicit CC:
header, nor do they appear in the Reply-To: header. So people you
X-Debbugs-CC are not included in any following discussion unless they are
manually cc'd. So this feature really only serves to notify them that
a bug has been filed. It's then up to them to follow any subsequent
If X-Debbugs-CC were merged into the Reply-To header, this might work
more the way people expect.
** How does Debbugs send out mails?
The mails are sent out to the bug list with From: and To: unchanged.
Eg if you file a bug with "", that
remains in the To: address. They reach the bug list by being resent.
Mails arriving at the bug list have the following Resent-* headers:
Resent-From: person who submitted the bug
Resent-CC: maintainer email address, plus any X-Debbugs-CC: entries
The "maintainer email address" is "Emacs Bugs <>"
in most cases.
They also have:
Reply-To: bug submitter,
** To not get acknowledgement mail from the tracker,
add an "X-Debbugs-No-Ack:" header (with any value). If you use Gnus,
you can add an element to gnus-posting-styles to do this automatically, eg:
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