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......@@ -105,6 +105,42 @@ bind C-w to `isearch-yank-word' in `isearch-mode-map'.
** In GUD mode when talking to GDB, C-x C-a C-j "jumps" the program
counter to the specified source line (the one where point is).
** GUD mode improvements fo jdb:
*** Search for source files using jdb classpath and class
information. Fast startup since there is no need to scan all
source files up front. There is also no need to create and maintain
lists of source directories to scan. Look at `gud-jdb-use-classpath'
and `gud-jdb-classpath' customization variables documentation.
*** Supports the standard breakpoint (gud-break, gud-clear)
set/clear operations from java source files under the classpath, stack
traversal (gud-up, gud-down), and run until current stack finish
*** Supports new jdb (Java 1.2 and later) in addition to oldjdb
(Java 1.1 jdb).
*** The previous method of searching for source files has been
preserved in case someone still wants/needs to use it.
Set gud-jdb-use-classpath to nil.
Added Customization Variables
*** gud-jdb-command-name. What command line to use to invoke jdb.
*** gud-jdb-use-classpath. Allows selection of java source file searching
method: set to t for new method, nil to scan gud-jdb-directories for
java sources (previous method).
*** gud-jdb-directories. List of directories to scan and search for java
classes using the original gud-jdb method (if gud-jdb-use-classpath
is nil).
Minor Improvements
*** Do not allow debugger output history variable to grow without bounds.
** hide-ifdef-mode now uses overlays rather than selective-display
to hide its text. This should be mostly transparent but slightly
changes the behavior of motion commands line C-e and C-p.
......@@ -2,6 +2,40 @@
* window.el (window-body-height): New function.
2002-01-18 Zoltan Kemenczy <>
* gud.el (easy-mmode-defmap): Enable "Up Stack", "Down Stack", and
"Finish Function" menu map entries for jdb mode.
(gud-jdb-use-classpath): New customization variable.
(gud-jdb-command-name): Add customization.
(gud-jdb-classpath, gud-marker-acc-max-length): New variables.
(gud-jdb-classpath-string): New variable.
(gud-jdb-source-files, gud-jdb-class-source-alist): Add doc strings.
(gud-jdb-build-source-files-list): Likewise.
(gud-jdb-massage-args): Record any command argument classpath
string in `gud-jdb-classpath-string'.
(gud-jdb-lowest-stack-level): New function, finds bottom of current
java call stack in jdb output.
(gud-jdb-find-source-using-classpath, gud-jdb-find-source)
(gud-jdb-parse-classpath-string): New functions.
(gud-jdb-marker-filter): Search/detect classpath information in
jdb's output. marker regexp updated to match oldjdb and jdb output
formats. Expand search for source files to include new/old methods
using new functions above. Do not allow `gud-marker-acc' to grow
without bound.
(jdb): Set classpath information (if available) as jdb is started.
Change `gud-break' and `gud-remove'
to use new %c ("class") escape in format strings. Add
`gud-finish', `gud-up', `gud-down' command string functions, and
add them to the local menu map. Update `comint-prompt-regexp' for
jdb and oldjdb. If attaching to an already running java VM and
configured to use classpath, send command to query for classpath,
else use previous method for finding and parsing java
sources. Set `gud-jdb-find-source' function accordingly.
(gud-mode): Doc fix.
(gud-format-command): Add support for new %c ("class") escape.
(gud-find-class): New function in support of %c escape.
2002-01-17 Richard M. Stallman <>
* ibuf-ext.el: Enable byte-compile-dynamic.
2002-01-18 Richard M. Stallman <>
* dispextern.h (WINDOW_WANTS_MODELINE_P): Check window height > 1.
(WINDOW_WANTS_HEADER_LINE_P): Check window height provides room.
2002-01-17 Richard M. Stallman <>
* window.c (enlarge_window): When exceeding size of parent,
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