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; * lisp/ps-print.el: Doc fix.

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......@@ -1320,29 +1320,18 @@ Please send all bug fixes and enhancements to
;; Known bugs and limitations of ps-print
;; --------------------------------------
;; Although color printing will work in XEmacs 19.12, it doesn't work well; in
;; particular, bold or italic fonts don't print in the right background color.
;; Invisible properties aren't correctly ignored in XEmacs 19.12.
;; Automatic font-attribute detection doesn't work well, especially with
;; hilit19 and older versions of get-create-face. Users having problems with
;; auto-font detection should use the lists `ps-italic-faces', `ps-bold-faces'
;; and `ps-underlined-faces' and/or turn off automatic detection by setting
;; `ps-auto-font-detect' to nil.
;; Automatic font-attribute detection doesn't work with XEmacs 19.12 in tty
;; mode; use the lists `ps-italic-faces', `ps-bold-faces' and
;; `ps-underlined-faces' instead.
;; Still too slow; could use some hand-optimization.
;; Default background color isn't working.
;; Faces are always treated as opaque.
;; Epoch, Lucid and Emacs 22 not supported. At all.
;; Fixed-pitch fonts work better for line folding, but are not required.
;; `ps-nb-pages-buffer' and `ps-nb-pages-region' don't take care of folding
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