Commit a1feed48 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong

(talk): Simplify. Pass display arg to talk-add-display as a string.

(talk-add-display): Simplify.  Accept only string args.
parent 0d5c702d
......@@ -50,26 +50,19 @@ Each element has the form (DISPLAY FRAME BUFFER).")
(let ((type (frame-live-p (selected-frame)))
(display (frame-terminal (selected-frame))))
((eq type t)
(talk-add-display (selected-frame)))
((eq type 'x)
(talk-add-display (frame-terminal (selected-frame))))
(error "Unknown frame type"))))
(if (or (eq type t) (eq type 'x))
(terminal-name (frame-terminal (selected-frame))))
(error "Unknown frame type")))
(defun talk-add-display (frame)
(let* ((display (if (frame-live-p frame)
(frame-terminal frame)
(elt (assoc display talk-display-alist))
(name (concat "*talk-" (terminal-name display) "*"))
(unless (frame-live-p frame)
(setq frame (make-frame-on-display display (list (cons 'name name)))))
(defun talk-add-display (display)
(let* ((elt (assoc display talk-display-alist))
(name (concat "*talk-" display "*"))
frame buffer)
(if (and elt (frame-live-p (nth 1 elt)))
(setq frame (nth 1 elt)))
(setq frame (nth 1 elt))
(setq frame (make-frame-on-display display (list (cons 'name name)))))
(if (not (and elt (buffer-name (get-buffer (setq buffer (nth 2 elt))))))
(setq buffer (get-buffer-create name)))
(add-to-list 'delete-frame-functions 'talk-handle-delete-frame)
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