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Fix file-readable-p and file-executable-p in some Tramp backends

* lisp/net/tramp-archive.el (tramp-archive-handle-file-readable-p):
Use tramp-gvfs.

* lisp/net/tramp-gvfs.el (tramp-gvfs-handle-file-executable-p):
Check that FILENAME exists.
(tramp-gvfs-handle-file-readable-p): Check that FILENAME exists.
Use heuristic in case it cannot be determined correctly.
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......@@ -584,9 +584,7 @@ offered."
(defun tramp-archive-handle-file-readable-p (filename)
"Like `file-readable-p' for file archives."
(tramp-archive-gvfs-file-name filename) nil
(tramp-check-cached-permissions v ?r)))
(file-readable-p (tramp-archive-gvfs-file-name filename)))
(defun tramp-archive-handle-file-system-info (filename)
"Like `file-system-info' for file archives."
......@@ -1136,7 +1136,8 @@ If FILE-SYSTEM is non-nil, return file system attributes."
"Like `file-executable-p' for Tramp files."
(with-parsed-tramp-file-name filename nil
(with-tramp-file-property v localname "file-executable-p"
(tramp-check-cached-permissions v ?x))))
(and (file-exists-p filename)
(tramp-check-cached-permissions v ?x)))))
(defun tramp-gvfs-handle-file-name-all-completions (filename directory)
"Like `file-name-all-completions' for Tramp files."
......@@ -1258,7 +1259,20 @@ file-notify events."
"Like `file-readable-p' for Tramp files."
(with-parsed-tramp-file-name filename nil
(with-tramp-file-property v localname "file-readable-p"
(tramp-check-cached-permissions v ?r))))
(and (file-exists-p filename)
(or (tramp-check-cached-permissions v ?r)
;; If the user is different from what we guess to be
;; the user, we don't know. Let's check, whether
;; access is restricted explicitly.
(and (/= (tramp-gvfs-get-remote-uid v 'integer)
(file-attributes filename 'integer)))
(cdr (assoc
(tramp-gvfs-get-file-attributes filename)))))))))))
(defun tramp-gvfs-handle-file-system-info (filename)
"Like `file-system-info' for Tramp files."
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