Commit a20aa721 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(describe_vector): Do not descibe deeper char-table if

enable-multibyte-characters is nil.
parent c7580538
......@@ -2525,6 +2525,8 @@ describe_vector (vector, elt_prefix, elt_describer,
int from, to;
/* The current depth of VECTOR if it is char-table. */
int this_level;
/* Flag to tell if we should handle multibyte characters. */
int multibyte = !NILP (current_buffer->enable_multibyte_characters);
/* Array of indices to access each level of char-table.
The elements are charset, code1, and code2. */
int idx[3];
......@@ -2676,7 +2678,7 @@ describe_vector (vector, elt_prefix, elt_describer,
/* If we find a char-table within a char-table,
scan it recursively; it defines the details for
a character set or a portion of a character set. */
if (CHAR_TABLE_P (vector) && CHAR_TABLE_P (definition))
if (multibyte && CHAR_TABLE_P (vector) && CHAR_TABLE_P (definition))
if (this_level == 0
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