Commit a21b845b authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(rmail-next-same-subject, rmail-reply): Ignore case, to

match "RE:" as well as "Re:".
parent 2c30b2fc
......@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ before obeying `rmail-ignored-headers'.")
(defvar rmail-reply-prefix "Re: "
"String to prepend to Subject line when replying to a message.")
;; Some mailers use "Re(2):" or "Re^2:" or "Re: Re:" or "Re[2]".
;; Some mailers use "Re(2):" or "Re^2:" or "Re: Re:" or "Re[2]:".
;; This pattern should catch all the common variants.
(defvar rmail-reply-regexp "\\`\\(Re\\(([0-9]+)\\|\\[[0-9]+\\]\\|\\^[0-9]+\\)?: *\\)*"
"Regexp to delete from Subject line before inserting `rmail-reply-prefix'.")
......@@ -2006,6 +2006,7 @@ If N is negative, go backwards instead."
(let ((subject (mail-fetch-field "Subject"))
(forward (> n 0))
(i rmail-current-message)
(case-fold-search t)
search-regexp found)
(if (string-match "Re:[ \t]*" subject)
(setq subject (substring subject (match-end 0))))
......@@ -2308,7 +2309,8 @@ use \\[mail-yank-original] to yank the original message into it."
(and (stringp subject)
(setq subject
(concat rmail-reply-prefix
(if (string-match rmail-reply-regexp subject)
(if (let ((case-fold-search t))
(string-match rmail-reply-regexp subject))
(substring subject (match-end 0))
(rmail-start-mail nil
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