Commit a2416e21 authored by Roland McGrath's avatar Roland McGrath
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(tags-search, tags-query-replace): Put (quote ...) around args inserted

into forms to be evalled.
parent 5bbdb090
......@@ -1365,7 +1365,7 @@ See documentation of variable `tags-file-name'."
;; Continue last tags-search as if by M-,.
(tags-loop-continue nil)
(setq tags-loop-scan
(list 're-search-forward regexp nil t)
(list 're-search-forward (list 'quote regexp) nil t)
tags-loop-operate nil)
(tags-loop-continue (or file-list-form t))))
......@@ -1379,12 +1379,15 @@ with the command \\[tags-loop-continue].
See documentation of variable `tags-file-name'."
(interactive (query-replace-read-args "Tags query replace (regexp)" t))
(setq tags-loop-scan (list 'prog1
(list 'if (list 're-search-forward from nil t)
(list 'if (list 're-search-forward
(list 'quote from) nil t)
;; When we find a match, move back
;; to the beginning of it so perform-replace
;; will see it.
'(goto-char (match-beginning 0))))
tags-loop-operate (list 'perform-replace from to t t delimited))
tags-loop-operate (list 'perform-replace
(list 'quote from) (list 'quote to)
t t (list 'quote delimited)))
(tags-loop-continue (or file-list-form t)))
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