Commit a28c8af3 authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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(struct mac_output) [USE_MAC_TOOLBAR]: New member

(struct scroll_bar) [MAC_OSX]: New member fringe_extended_p.
(update_frame_tool_bar, free_frame_tool_bar) [USE_MAC_TOOLBAR]:
Add externs.
parent c6829f81
......@@ -333,6 +333,16 @@ struct mac_output
/* Hints for the size and the position of a window. */
XSizeHints *size_hints;
/* This variable records the gravity value of the window position if
the window has an external tool bar when it is created. The
position of the window is adjusted using this information when
the tool bar is first redisplayed. Once the tool bar is
redisplayed, it is set to 0 in order to avoid further
adjustment. */
int toolbar_win_gravity;
/* Quartz 2D graphics context. */
CGContextRef cg_context;
......@@ -441,6 +451,12 @@ struct scroll_bar {
being dragged, this is Qnil. */
Lisp_Object dragging;
#ifdef MAC_OSX
/* t if the background of the fringe that is adjacent to a scroll
bar is extended to the gap between the fringe and the bar. */
Lisp_Object fringe_extended_p;
/* The position and size of the scroll bar handle track area in
pixels, relative to the frame. */
......@@ -651,6 +667,10 @@ extern void mac_prepare_for_quickdraw P_ ((struct frame *));
extern void mac_get_window_bounds P_ ((struct frame *, Rect *, Rect *));
extern int mac_quit_char_key_p P_ ((UInt32, UInt32));
extern void update_frame_tool_bar P_ ((FRAME_PTR f));
extern void free_frame_tool_bar P_ ((FRAME_PTR f));
#define FONT_TYPE_FOR_UNIBYTE(font, ch) 0
#define FONT_TYPE_FOR_MULTIBYTE(font, ch) 0
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