Commit a2c896c3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(easy-menu-get-map): Change global map only if this menu exists in the

global map already, and not in the local map.
(easy-menu-do-add-item): Fix error message.
parent bf7f4e90
......@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@ shadow\\(Double\\)?Etched\\(In\\|Out\\)\\(Dash\\)?\\)\\)$"
(if (and (or no-name cache-specified)
(or (null cache) (stringp cache) (vectorp cache)))
(setq prop (cons :key-sequence (cons cache prop))))))
(t (error "Invalid menu item in easymenu.")))
(t (error "Invalid menu item in easymenu")))
(easy-menu-define-key menu (if (stringp name) (intern name) name)
(and (not remove)
(cons 'menu-item
......@@ -403,13 +403,21 @@ NAME should be a string, the name of the element to be removed."
;; Return a sparse keymap in which to add or remove an item.
;; MAP and PATH are as defined in `easy-menu-add-item'.
(if (null map)
(setq map (lookup-key global-map
(vconcat '(menu-bar) (mapcar 'intern path))))
(setq map (or (lookup-key (current-local-map)
(vconcat '(menu-bar) (mapcar 'intern path)))
(lookup-key global-map
(vconcat '(menu-bar) (mapcar 'intern path)))
(let ((new (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key (current-local-map)
(vconcat '(menu-bar) (mapcar 'intern path)) new)
(if (and (symbolp map) (not (keymapp map)))
(setq map (symbol-value map)))
(if path (setq map (lookup-key map (vconcat (mapcar 'intern path))))))
(while (and (symbolp map) (keymapp map))
(setq map (symbol-function map)))
(unless map
(error "Menu specified in easy-menu is not defined"))
(or (keymapp map) (error "Malformed menu in easy-menu: (%s)" map))
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