Commit a3045b7e authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(set-copyright): New function.

parent bfcea090
......@@ -24,6 +24,8 @@
;; add-release-logs Add ``Version X released'' change log entries.
;; set-version Change Emacs version number in source tree.
;; set-copyright Change emacs short copyright string (eg as
;; printed by --version) in source tree.
;;; Code:
......@@ -158,5 +160,50 @@ Root must be the root of an Emacs source tree."
(rx (and (submatch (1+ (in "a-z"))) (0+ space) ?\, (0+ space)
"/* development, alpha, beta, or final (release) */"))))))
;; Note this makes some assumptions about form of short copyright.
(defun set-copyright (root copyright)
"Set Emacs short copyright to COPYRIGHT in relevant files under ROOT.
Root must be the root of an Emacs source tree."
(interactive (list
(read-directory-name "Emacs root directory: " nil nil t)
"Short copyright string: "
(format "Copyright (C) %s Free Software Foundation, Inc."
(format-time-string "%Y")))))
(unless (file-exists-p (expand-file-name "src/emacs.c" root))
(error "%s doesn't seem to be the root of an Emacs source tree" root))
(set-version-in-file root "lisp/version.el" copyright
(rx (and "emacs-copyright" (0+ space)
?\" (submatch (1+ (not (in ?\")))) ?\")))
(set-version-in-file root "lib-src/etags.c" copyright
(rx (and "emacs_copyright" (0+ (not (in ?\")))
?\" (submatch (1+ (not (in ?\")))) ?\")))
(set-version-in-file root "lib-src/rcs2log" copyright
(rx (and "Copyright" (0+ space) ?= (0+ space)
?\' (submatch (1+ nonl)))))
root "mac/"
copyright (rx (and "CFBundleGetInfoString" (0+ space) ?= (0+ space) ?\"
(1+ anything)
(submatch "Copyright" (1+ (not (in ?\")))))))
;; This one is a nuisance, as it needs to be split over two lines.
(string-match "\\(.*[0-9]\\{4\\} *\\)\\(.*\\)" copyright)
(let ((csign "\\0xa9")
(cyear (match-string 1 copyright)) ; "Copyright (C) 2007 "
(owner (match-string 2 copyright))) ; "Free Software Foundation, Inc."
(set-version-in-file root "mac/src/Emacs.r"
(replace-regexp-in-string "(C)"
(regexp-quote csign) cyear))
(rx (and
(submatch "Copyright" (0+ space) (eval csign)
(0+ space) (= 4 num)
(0+ (not (in ?\")))) ?\")))
(set-version-in-file root "mac/src/Emacs.r" owner
(rx (and ?\"
(submatch (1+ (not (in ?\"))))
?\" (0+ space)
"/* Long version number */")))))
;;; arch-tag: 4ea83636-2293-408b-884e-ad64f22a3bf5
;; admin.el ends here.
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