Commit a3123c13 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(readchar): Use marker's bytepos instead of bufpos.

parent 193b12ca
......@@ -208,22 +208,17 @@ readchar (readcharfun)
if (bytepos >= BUF_ZV_BYTE (inbuffer))
return -1;
if (XMARKER (readcharfun)->bufpos == BUF_GPT_BYTE (inbuffer))
XMARKER (readcharfun)->bufpos += BUF_GAP_SIZE (inbuffer);
if (! NILP (inbuffer->enable_multibyte_characters))
INC_POS (bytepos);
XMARKER (readcharfun)->bufpos += bytepos - orig_bytepos;
XMARKER (readcharfun)->bytepos = bytepos;
XMARKER (readcharfun)->charpos++;
readchar_backlog = bytepos - orig_bytepos;
/* Because we move ->bufpos across the gap before we advance it,
the gap never comes between the previous character and ->bufpos. */
return *(BUF_BEG_ADDR (inbuffer) + XMARKER (readcharfun)->bufpos
return *(BUF_BEG_ADDR (inbuffer) + XMARKER (readcharfun)->bytepos
- readchar_backlog--);
if (EQ (readcharfun, Qget_file_char))
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