Commit a31a30b5 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov

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parent 93e8fd61
......@@ -1085,9 +1085,11 @@ All regular expression replacement commands now allow `\?' in the
replacement string to specify a position where the replacement string
can be edited for each replacement.
** query-replace uses isearch highlighting with lazy highlighting
when the user option `query-replace-highlight' is set to `isearch'.
If it is t, it uses old query-replace highlighting method.
** query-replace uses isearch lazy highlighting when the new user option
`query-replace-lazy-highlight' is non-nil.
** The current match in query-replace is highlighted in new face
`query-replace' which by default inherits from isearch face.
** Emacs normally highlights mouse sensitive text whenever the mouse
......@@ -1422,9 +1424,8 @@ previous mark, i.e. C-u C-SPC C-SPC C-SPC ... cycles through the
mark ring. Use C-u C-u C-SPC to set the mark immediately after a jump.
** Movement commands `beginning-of-buffer', `end-of-buffer',
`beginning-of-defun', `end-of-defun' do not set the mark if the new
option `inhibit-mark-movement' is non-nil, or if the mark is already
active in Transient Mark mode.
`beginning-of-defun', `end-of-defun' do not set the mark if the mark
is already active in Transient Mark mode.
** In the *Occur* buffer, `o' switches to it in another window, and
2004-12-15 Juri Linkov <>
* isearch.el (isearch-update): Test isearch-lazy-highlight
before calling isearch-lazy-highlight-new-loop.
Don't test isearch-lazy-highlight.
* replace.el (perform-replace): Add isearch-case-fold-search.
Use delimited-flag for isearch-regexp.
Reset isearch-lazy-highlight-last-string to force lazy
highlighting when called from isearch mode.
(query-replace-highlight): Revert defcustom type to boolean.
(query-replace-lazy-highlight): New defcustom.
(query-replace): New face.
(perform-replace, replace-highlight, replace-dehighlight):
Test query-replace-lazy-highlight instead of special value
`isearch' of query-replace-highlight.
(replace-dehighlight): Don't call isearch-dehighlight.
(replace-highlight): Don't call isearch-highlight.
Use face `query-replace' unconditionally.
2004-12-14 Kim F. Storm <>
* simple.el (inhibit-mark-movement): Remove defvar.
2004-12-15 Juri Linkov <>
* mark.texi (Transient Mark, Mark Ring): M-< and other
movement commands don't set mark in Transient Mark mode
if mark is active.
2004-12-15 Jay Belanger <>
* calc.texi: Consistently capitalized all mode names.
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