Commit a351880d authored by Carsten Dominik's avatar Carsten Dominik
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2009-11-13 Carsten Dominik <>

	* org.texi: Removed @Ie, @ie, @Eg, @eg macros.

2009-11-13  James TD Smith  <>

	* org.texi (Column attributes): Add the new age summary operators.
	Also, mention the fact you can only use one summary operator per

2009-11-13  John Wiegley  <>

	* org.texi (Tracking your habits): Added a new section in the
	manual about how to track habits.
	(Resolving idle time): Added a section on how idle and
	dangling clocks are resolved.

2009-11-13  Carsten Dominik  <>

	* org.texi (Agenda commands): Document the new `i' command.
	(Inserting deadline/schedule): Document logging changes
	of scheduling and deadline times stamps.
	(In-buffer settings): Document the in-buffer keywords for logging
	changes of scheduling and deadline times stamps.
	(Structure editing, Plain lists): Document indentation
	cycling in empty entries with TAB.
	(Archiving): Document the default archiving command.
	(Moving subtrees): Document the new keys for archiving.
	(Internal archiving): Fix incorrect key.
	(Agenda commands): Document the TODO set switching commands.
	(Agenda commands): Document the new archiving keys.
	(Clocking work time): Better description on how to save
	and restore a clock.
	(Resolving idle time): Mention the x11idle program to get true
	idleness also under X11.
	(Resolving idle time): Use @kbd instead of @key for normal
	letters, because this is how he rest of the manual does this.
	(Pushing to MobileOrg): Mention that `org-directory'
	should be set.
	(Agenda commands): Document that SPC is a filter for
	any tag.
	(Search view): Renamed from "Keyword search".
	(Capure): New chapter.
	(Markup): New chapter.
	(Links in HTML export, Images in HTML export): Extend
	the section titles.
	(Images in HTML export): Document the align option.
	(Text areas in HTML export): Extend the section title.
	(Images in LaTeX export): Explain image placement in LaTeX.
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2009-11-13 Carsten Dominik <>
* refcards/orgcard.tex: Document the new archiving keys.
2009-11-08 Chong Yidong <>
* compilation.txt: Add one more error message for msft (Bug#4100).
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