Commit a35dd56b authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

(font_open_entity): Fix previous change.

parent 58d8c5cd
2008-12-16 Kenichi Handa <>
* font.c (font_open_entity): Fix previous change.
2008-12-16 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* process.c: Include <limits.h>.
......@@ -2877,13 +2877,14 @@ font_open_entity (f, entity, pixel_size)
Lisp_Object objlist, size, val, font_object;
struct font *font;
int min_width, height;
int scaled_pixel_size;
font_assert (FONT_ENTITY_P (entity));
size = AREF (entity, FONT_SIZE_INDEX);
if (XINT (size) != 0)
pixel_size = XINT (size);
scaled_pixel_size = pixel_size = XINT (size);
else if (CONSP (Vface_font_rescale_alist))
pixel_size *= font_rescale_ratio (entity);
scaled_pixel_size = pixel_size * font_rescale_ratio (entity);
for (objlist = AREF (entity, FONT_OBJLIST_INDEX); CONSP (objlist);
objlist = XCDR (objlist))
......@@ -2898,7 +2899,8 @@ font_open_entity (f, entity, pixel_size)
if (! driver_list)
return Qnil;
font_object = driver_list->driver->open (f, entity, pixel_size);
font_object = driver_list->driver->open (f, entity, scaled_pixel_size);
ASET (font_object, FONT_SIZE_INDEX, make_number (pixel_size));
font_add_log ("open", entity, font_object);
if (NILP (font_object))
return Qnil;
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