Commit a38634ff authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann

(mirror_make_current): If desired row isn't enabled,

just swap glyphs pointers between current and desired row.
(build_frame_matrix_from_leaf_window) [GLYPH_DEBUG]: Copy
desired matrix method string to current matrix.
parent 0ec0d9c1
......@@ -2467,6 +2467,10 @@ build_frame_matrix_from_leaf_window (frame_matrix, w)
/* If rows are in sync, we don't have to copy glyphs because
frame and window share glyphs. */
strcpy (w->current_matrix->method, w->desired_matrix->method);
/* Set number of used glyphs in the frame matrix. Since we fill
......@@ -2628,8 +2632,11 @@ mirror_make_current (w, frame_row)
= MATRIX_ROW (w->current_matrix, row);
struct glyph_row *desired_row
= MATRIX_ROW (w->desired_matrix, row);
assign_row (current_row, desired_row);
if (desired_row->enabled_p)
assign_row (current_row, desired_row);
swap_glyph_pointers (desired_row, current_row);
current_row->enabled_p = 1;
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