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* cl.texi (Setf Extensions): Remove `apply' setf since it seems to be disabled.

parent f1e1b6f3
2012-10-29 Glenn Morris <>
* cl.texi (Organization): More details on cl-lib.el versus cl.el.
(Setf Extensions): Remove `apply' setf since it seems to be disabled.
2012-10-28 Glenn Morris <>
......@@ -964,6 +964,8 @@ also works in this way by replacing a portion of the current buffer.
@c FIXME? Also `eq'? (see cl-lib.el)
@c Currently commented out in cl.el.
A call of the form @code{(apply '@var{func} @dots{})} or
@code{(apply (function @var{func}) @dots{})}, where @var{func}
......@@ -972,6 +974,7 @@ in the sense described in Steele's book; since none of the standard
Emacs place functions are suitable in this sense, this feature is
only interesting when used with places you define yourself with
@code{define-setf-method} or the long form of @code{defsetf}.
@end ignore
A macro call, in which case the macro is expanded and @code{setf}
......@@ -979,7 +982,7 @@ is applied to the resulting form.
Any form for which a @code{defsetf} or @code{define-setf-method}
has been made.
has been made. @xref{Obsolete Setf Customization}.
@end itemize
@c FIXME should this be in lispref? It seems self-evident.
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